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Venus conjunct Mars

The perfect romance

Kelli Fox

This could be one of your best years for love. You'll have the perfect blend of masculine and feminine energy, and therefore, the perfect blend of passion and romance. You'll be well adjusted sexually, but you'll also relate to your partner on an emotional level.

If you're not involved with someone right now, you'll find you have a magnetic influence about you that will make it quite easy for you to meet someone new. All you have to do is get out on occasion and be social. It's just an all-around great time for romance!That's not to say that everything will be peaches and cream every moment of the year. You may have some anger issues you'll need to deal with. Impulsive buying could put a damper on your savings. You could find yourself falling into a defensive mode at the drop of a hat, especially about a relationship you're in. You'll also want to make sure that whoever attracts your attention is someone with depth -- looks will be important to you, but you can't base a relationship on looks alone. Find someone you connect with on a deeper level. They're out there, and if you haven't found them already, this is your year to do so.

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