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Venus conjunct Jupiter

Luck is on your side

Kelli Fox

Have you ever noticed how life just always seems to work out for some people? They attract all the right people; they may not be rich, but money always seems to appear when they need it most; and all the little things that can ruin a day never seem to upset them. Well, guess what: It's your turn!

This year will be one of luck for you as everything you can think of will work out to your advantage.From romance to work to friendship to family, your relationships will be strong and successful. Love will come easily to you. If you're currently with someone, the partnership will go smoothly, and you'll each get along well. Not seeing anyone special? Well, if you want that to change, it probably will, and relationships that begin this year are likely to do quite well and could last for a very long time.The most important thing to take away from this year, will be that much of your 'luck' will actually be your perception of the world. You may land the career of your dreams because you believed in yourself, and you went out and took the initiative to get that job. Or you could just get stuck in a traffic jam and feel happy that you have more time to yourself. The luck you experience will usually be nothing more than the positive spin you put on everything.

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