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Uranus square Neptune

Staying afloat

Kelli Fox

The sinking of the Titanic occurred during time when the stars had positioned themselves somewhat like they are now. Does that mean you'll sink? Absolutely not!

What it means is that the people in power got so cocky with their technological wonder that they forgot about reality, and you need to learn from that lesson. Their idea was a good one, but it wasn't quite ready for the real world. Your ideas will be topnotch, but that doesn't mean you should head out and get a patent right away. Sit on things for a while and really mull over every possible angle before you consider even telling someone else about your thoughts.Technology could actually become a burden for you as your car might stall, your computer might crash and your high-definition TV could get fuzzy. The spiritual world will call to you, but even it will cause you angst as you'll still be torn between the ideal world of technology that works and the spiritual realms that brings universal understanding. Attempting to bring the two together will create a lot of imaginative energy within you, and you will benefit from trying to express yourself, at least on paper, if not with others.

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