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Uranus sextile Pluto

Embracing change

Kelli Fox

There are things about you that could maybe use a little change. So what do you do? You go out and fix them immediately.

And these really aren't 'little' or superficial changes like a haircut -- these are life-altering transformations that you'll just jump up and take care of. Job not going well? Change it. Love life not working out as you'd hoped? Change it. Confused about what your dreams mean? Go to counseling. In fact, this year would be a great time to consider psychotherapy. You'll be so receptive to opening yourself up and accepting the suggestions of others because your desire to improve yourself from the core out will be so strong.The one thing you might want to watch out for will be your dislike of authority. You will practically break out in hives if someone tries to tell you what to do. Unfortunately, in this life, there will always be someone one rung above you who has more power and authority. You can rebel all you like, and you might even get past whoever is there now, but there will always be someone else -- everyone in this world reports to someone, and the higher up you go, the more precarious your perch. This is one of those instances in which you'll be better off just accepting that there are some things in life you have to live with.

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