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Uranus sextile North Node

An instinctive future

Kelli Fox

There's a difference between what you're expected to do and what you know in your heart you should do. The quickest way to the path to your destiny this year will be for you to follow what's in your heart. In this instance, that will have a great deal to do with progressive activities and thoughts, developing a sense of freedom and opening yourself up to the possibilities that come with change.

You will likely feel yourself drawn to a larger purpose this year: Follow it. Your abilities are intertwined with technology, development and change. This will be an excellent time for furthering your career, but also for helping out with charitable organizations and projects. Your mind will have a very forward way of thinking, and if you apply this right, you'll find yourself moving along a road toward a higher calling. Pay attention to the direction your heart is trying to guide you. Your instincts will be right on target, even if they seem contrary to what others expect of you or even to what you expect of yourself. There will be a certain level of unpredictability in your life, but that's what will help you move along in the ideal direction for your future and the future of others.

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