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Uranus retrograde

The True Nonconformist

Kelli Fox

There are the rebels who fight against society just as everyone expects them to (the drugs, sex and rock and roll type of thing), and then there are those people who are truly different in the way that they think and view the world. It's the latter group who are the real nonconformists and who have the potential to bring about real changes. And it's that group that you'll be a part of this year, though there's a good chance you won't even realize it on the conscious level.Internally, you'll be turning into a more rebellious, restless and impulsive version of your old self.

You'll begin to notice the rules that you don't approve of and begin to break them, though possibly only in your mind. For example, if you were sick of getting stuck in traffic, you might begin to look enviously at the motorcyclists who weave in and out. It's unlikely that you would go to such an extreme as trading in the business suit for bikers' leather (or vice versa, as the case may be), but the seed of change will be planted. Channel this energy into trying something new -- take a dance class by yourself, join a political organization -- just do something that gets you moving in a different direction.

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