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Uranus opposite Pluto

A whole new life

Kelli Fox

It will be like one of those scenes out of a movie -- one of those scenes in which the woman has been putting up with a lot of unpleasant interactions with her boss/boyfriend/roommate/whoever, and she suddenly snaps. That will be you, snapping that is. You will get so fed up with inappropriate or unnecessary behavior that you will come to your wits end and snap.

Finally! Enough is enough already and it will be time for you to instigate some change. Things have been going on far too long with you just sitting off to the side letting them happen. Stand up and speak your mind.Then, do you remember that past that's supposed to come back and haunt you someday? Well, that someday could be very, very soon. It's quite likely that a blast from the past -- old lover, old boss, old teacher, old roommate, etc. -- could come back into your life. Are you ready? Can you handle whatever they bring out of the closet? Of course you can -- and you're going to have to regardless. You won't have any choice but to accept that they're back in your life. If you start to feel like things are falling apart, let them. It's only after one direction has crumbled that you can brush yourself off and get going down a new and better path.

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