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Uranus opposite North Node

Break away from the past

Kelli Fox

Your attachment to the past has grown so great, that you really have no choice but to smash those chains into oblivion as quickly as possible. You need to let go and move on! As you move from this birthday to your next, you'll realize how important it is for you to face down your demons and take a step forward.

You might as well consider this battle for your future as one that you can't afford to lose. Fortunately, you really won't have any other option than to kick away from your past and make a grab for your destiny. After all the attention you've put toward looking backward, your neck is sore, and it's high time for you to turn back to a forward-facing direction. Your mission for the upcoming year will be to completely destroy your old way of doing things, and come up with radical, new approaches. You'll be tempted to try to achieve complete autonomy, but remember that's not really necessary. Having someone to back you up and help you out from time to time can be reassuring. As you break down the old walls, it will feel nice to know you have some support. So do what you can to remain open to the opinions of others -- you may start to think you know everything, but you won't.

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