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Uranus opposite Neptune

Like a mid-life crisis

Kelli Fox

You know those mid-life crises we've all heard so much about? Well you'll start to feel like you're in one during the next 12 months, regardless of your age. The stars will simply try to show you an entirely new level of being, but unless you've been devoutly spiritual your whole life, there's a good chance that what's thrown your way will really just leave you confused (and that's probably true even if you are spiritual).

You'll be well aware that something is going on that's well beyond your grasp, so you'll try to compensate by trying out new -- and likely crazy -- things in your life. New cars, new relationships, new jobs -- and all in an effort to understand your place in this universe. Calm down and realize that drastic changes in your material life won't offer much solace, you'll need to go deeper. You may also experience sleep problems both in the form of insomnia and crazy dreams. If you're awake, you'll wish you could sleep, and when you're sleeping, you may just wish you were awake. It may start to seem like you just can't win. That's certainly not the case, but staying afloat will definitely take more effort than normal. Turn to your spiritual beliefs for aid and guidance. Activities like meditation or prayer can help you bring your focus back to what's important.

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