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Uranus in Pisces

Voice of your subconscious

Kelli Fox

Dreams are sometimes tossed aside as overactive mental residue from the day. However, they represent a powerful tool for progressing and moving into the future. Your dreams are the voice of your subconscious.

And for these next 12 months, the inner workings of your mind will come through most effectively while you sleep. Keep a dream journal by your bed, and be prepared to write anything and everything down -- you never know when the next great idea for improving our culture might flash by in the night.You must be flexible and intuitive as you use your mental powers to help move society forward. That's a very tall order for one person, but you are not alone. Far from it. Your powers will be especially effective when it comes to health technology and spiritual awareness. If you're not already in the health industry, you can certainly volunteer your time at charity organizations like the Red Cross and offer up your creative and compassionate services there. Or you might want to focus more on the spiritual side of things. You'll have a very influential side, and you'll have no trouble assisting others as they make their way down their own spiritual paths.

Uranus in Pisces in the Natal Chart

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