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Uranus conjunct Pluto

Rebuilding your life

Kelli Fox

Life cannot keep going as it has. Everything must change whether you like it or not. But the amazing thing about change is that there's always a fresh start with new possibilities waiting in front of you.

And change is coming your way. In fact, a total life transformation is heading in your direction. You may feel like your world is falling apart this year, but you must always remember that things have to fall apart in order to be built better. That's the nature of our world, and though you may feel little solace from that knowledge as things crumble around you, rest assured that your state of mind will be better than it was before, after this is all over.You may also have interesting experiences in which something you've put your heart and soul into suddenly blows up and you're left with nothing -- and yet you'll feel oddly relieved. The stars will send you plenty of hints, and all you'll have to do is pick up on them. If something doesn't work out as it should, or if it falls apart completely, there's a reason. And after you've picked yourself up and brushed off the dust, you'll discover a whole new road that you never knew existed -- and one you wouldn't have found had you not fallen on it.

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