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Uranus conjunct North Node

Choosing the future over the past

Kelli Fox

Nostalgia is for those who can't fully open themselves up to the present and the future. You have no room for that, and this will be especially true as you embark on the upcoming year. The path that you're about to enter will be charged with the currents of your future and you will develop fully integrated ideas of what is possible -- as well as what isn't possible -- when it comes to fulfilling your destiny.Ideally, yours will be an independent road.

That doesn't mean you'll be alone, but rather, you'd like to prove to yourself and everyone else that you're capable of handling things on your own and in your own way. As such, you will have a very unique perspective on the world and a unique approach to life. You will feel as though something major is about to happen, like a breakthrough is just around the corner. Move through your world in the manner that you feel is most appropriate and give that breakthrough a chance to enter into reality. If nothing happens, you'll be just as prepared for that, as well. You'll enjoy life's spontaneity this year, and you'll be ready, able and even eager to take on whatever happens to get thrown your way.

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