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Uranus conjunct Neptune

Strange times

Kelli Fox

Strange times are upon you. Or at least they'll be upon you from this birthday until your next. It will be a time of futuristic dreams and creative technology, and it will all either come from your own mind, or you'll be fascinated by what you see coming from the thoughts of others.

You'll want nothing to do with the ordinary, and your ideals will become quite radical and revolutionary. Reality will no longer be as you once thought it was, and yet you'll be completely sober. This will be the end of the world as you know it.Odd as this year will be, it certainly won't be boring. You could lose all power and be completely alone, and you wouldn't be able to get bored because you'd have so many crazy thoughts to entertain you -- many of which would be about how to fix the situation. If you're in a healthcare profession, you'll have the perfect opportunity to come up with breakthroughs and advancements in healing technology. If you're not in healthcare, volunteer your services at a hospital or health/healing organization, and don't be surprised if your fresh perspective helps to revolutionize their practices.

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