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Sun unaspected

An Independent Agent

Kelli Fox

For the coming year, you have an unparalleled opportunity to develop yourself and your individuality, unhindered by other factors. If ever there was a year to fulfill a longtime dream, to set your sights on a personal goal and then work to achieve it, this is it. It's finally time to respond to the siren song of that remote exotic location, or learn to kayak, or read that trilogy that's been taking up space on your bookshelf, or take those singing lessons you've been wanting forever.

The obstacles you previously faced will fade away, leaving your free and unfettered to pursue your personal projects. Doors will open and paths will present themselves as the year progresses. You will be operating from your most authentic self, from deep in your center this year. It's been a long time since you felt this alive, present, and accounted for. Energized and aware, fresh and awake, you can hardly wait to get going on the adventure that will define your life until your next birthday. You're perfectly willing to work hard to achieve your desired aims. In fact, it feels like nothing could stop you! Don't squander this incredible energy. Set your sights on a goal worthy of your time and effort, and go for it. It's time to do your own thing.

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