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Sun trine Uranus

Let the radical ideas flow

Kelli Fox

Authors are frequently asked just how it is they came up with the idea for their story, and more often than not, their response is that it just came to them; they have no clue how. You'll suddenly understand exactly what they mean. Each month you'll have brilliant ideas 'pop' into your head, apparently out of nowhere.

Your task will be to take these flashes of inspiration and turn them into a fabulous reality.Some of these thoughts of yours may seem a bit out of this world. Follow through with them anyway. For the most part, you'll be able to keep your radical ideas from getting too whacky or hard to swallow, and what you'll present to society will simply be some incredibly progressive thinking. Through this all, you'll want to maintain your excellent sense of humor. Your out-of-the-box mentality will allow you to see the mirth in even the most mundane events. Host some parties yourself to add a little more life to your activities, and find out what brilliant thoughts others are working on. Let your guests bring whomever they'd like, and see how many new and unique people you can add to your list of friends and acquaintances.

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