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Sun trine Saturn

Disciplined and dependable

Kelli Fox

You are what you do, and what you do is who you are. Your ego and your actions mesh exceptionally well. This will be an excellent year to take a close look at who you are and what you need to do to improve your life.

You'll have all the discipline you need to do that job and do it well -- as well as whatever anyone else requests of you.So, it comes as no surprise that your job will go remarkably well for you. You can take on any project you're handed, and not only will the results be perfect, but you'll enjoy the work. You're decisive in your actions, and your grounded mentality will just add to your comfortable sense of responsibility. With such a strong focus on work, though, it may be surprising how important love is to you right now. The next 12 months will see you in a committed and dedicated frame of mind, and you'll be eager to take a more serious look at moving romance to the next level. In the midst of all of this, take some time to try to get to know yourself a bit better, too. You're on the track to self-discovery, and the timing is right for you to make some drastic changes -- if that's what you decide you want.

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