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Sun trine Neptune

An emotional sponge

Kelli Fox

Is it possible to be too in touch with the people in your life (and in your friends' lives and on the news, etc.)? Actually, it is. Your intuition is so sharp that you'll be soaking up the emotions of others like a sponge.

If this is simply a case of you responding to your lover's problem, that's fine. But when you start getting teary-eyed because the woman in the commercial doesn't like her razor, you'll know that you're feeling the side effects of this aspect.Not surprisingly, this year will be perfect for love, as everyone will be drawn to your practically psychic affections. Your abilities to see a person's inner beauty will also make you an attractive mate. So if you're already with someone, you'll find your love could blossom in the coming months. If you're single, you won't have any trouble catching the eye of whomever you are dreaming of.You may also notice that you're drawn to images of reality, such as photography, TV and movies. They make a lovely escape if your own world becomes too challenging. Don't forget to visit your imagination as well. Whatever you create now will be beautiful and perfect.

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