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Sun trine Mars

Taking care of business

Kelli Fox

Why let someone else do the job when you know you can do it just as well, if not better? This will pretty much your mantra for the next year. You're on top of your game, and you know it.

In fact, if possible, you'd love to be able to accomplish as much as possible, all on your own. You could practically run your own business. Hmmmm.... Now there's an idea.Your leadership skills will be out of this world, so if you really did want to start a business, this would be the perfect opportunity. The most important factor is the simple realization that you're completely self-reliant. You don't have to go off on your own, but you know you could if you had the desire. And speaking of desire -- romance will definitely have a certain wow factor to it! If you have a partner already, you can expect them to ignite a passion under you like no other -- and it will happen over and over as the year progresses. If you're unattached but looking, expect to find love easily. You'll have a relaxed, yet assertive mentality that could draw suitors in droves. Your biggest problem will be trying not to overcommit yourself.

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