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Sun square Neptune

You are your own rock

Kelli Fox

Nice as it would be to have a stable support system, your stability is going to have to come from within. Unfortunately, throughout the year, that will be made more difficult, as the harder to try to get a grip on current situations, the harder they'll be to grasp. You'll have to be your own rock.Everything in your world will be shifting and moving, making you wish you could just escape from it all.

Again, you're going to have to turn within. Tempting as drugs or alcohol may be, they'll only cause you even more problems. If you need to escape, visit your own imagination; create a world of your own into which you can disappear when things just get too complicated. Or, if that doesn't work for you, try something easier like going to a movie or taking a short trip.Romance will also be difficult now. Since your understanding of yourself and your world is inaccurate, and you don't really see others for who they are, it will be challenging for you to relate to them. Remember that there must be some boundaries between you and others in order for the relationship to work out. Your best bet is to take many personal retreats so you have plenty of time for spend time alone and look within.

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