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Sun square Mars

Watch for aggression

Kelli Fox

Oh, have you got an aggressive temperament! And from this birthday to your next, you're going to want to do everything you can to keep that under control. Your energy levels are sky-high, but that means they're pushing your impatience factor off the charts.

You'll find you have difficulties connecting with and truly understanding yourself, which will make it even more challenging for you to connect with those around you. Everyone from employers to loved ones could make you feel as though you're under attack, but you'll need to remember that this is just a phase and no one is really out to get you. One of the greatest advantages of this time will be your strength of character. If can you realize what's happening -- why you're losing your temper because your sweetie was two minutes late, or why your boss seems more demanding than usual -- then you can channel that energy toward improving the situation and calming yourself down. Focus this same energy on solitary projects and exercise, as well, since the more outlets you develop for yourself, the more successfully you'll get through these challenges.

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