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Sun square Jupiter

Nothing is good in excess

Kelli Fox

Boundaries can be so tedious, and that's especially true for this upcoming year. Why eat only one piece of pizza when you could have the whole thing? Hmmm.

Maybe there's a reason we have boundaries after all! It's going to be awfully tempting for you to just keep on keeping on with something, past the point of positive returns. You need to pay attention to just how much work you do actually need to do (perhaps not quite so much?). You'll want to keep everything under control, as you'll have a tendency to bite off quite a bit more than you can chew this year.All aspects of your life could suffer from this inability to know when to stop. Hard as this may be, you're going to have to listen to your loved ones. Just because you think you know everything doesn't mean you actually do, and it's very possible that they'll have some worthwhile insight into your activities. On the more positive side, you'll have loads of energy, and you'll be able to accomplish many great tasks and projects. Careerwise, as long as you don't upset your boss or coworkers with a know-it-all attitude, you could experience incredible success.

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