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Sun sextile Uranus

A creative new you

Kelli Fox

Small changes can lead to big improvements. So what are you waiting for? The stars have blessed you with the power of some impressive creative thinking abilities, and they're going to stay with you for an entire year.

Use this skill to take stock of the world around you and figure out how to make it even better. Introduce yourself to new people and visit exotic locations -- or even just start chatting up the checker at the supermarket. You never know where your next big idea could come from, and it helps to be as open as possible. Your love life is likely to improve, as well, if you use the same techniques. Heck, that checker may just be single or have a cute single friend. If you are already attached, your lover will appreciate a new approach to romance and dating.Because your mind is so sharp, though, you'll want to keep a close eye on what you say; your words can cut if they're said without thought. For the most part, your biggest challenge will just be bringing your crazy ideas into this world, and then taking the next step of turning them into something tangible. This will be an exciting year with lots of great opportunities!

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