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Sun sextile Saturn

Disciplined and loving it

Kelli Fox

You've got a job to do, and you're determined to not only get it done, but to do it well. Your sense of responsibility will be strong, straight through to your next birthday, and you may be shocked by just how much you can achieve -- and so will your boss! This will be a very bright year for your career, as you'll be wowing everyone around with your incredible work ethic and abilities.

It'll be hard for you to take a day off because you'll only be thinking about everything you have to do; you'd rather just keep getting stuff finished than take a break. You'll be almost as committed to any relationship as you are to your job. If you're already with someone, you'll be ready to renew your dedication to them, especially if it's slipped up in the past. If you're still looking for that perfect someone, you'll be ready to give yourself, heart and soul, to the relationship.Take advantage of this time to create some long term plans, complete with a step-by-step list to accomplish them. You can't go wrong. Just be sure to conserve your resources so you can keep going at this pace throughout the whole year.

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