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Sun sextile Pluto

A magnetic transformation

Kelli Fox

The dark side of your subconscious is normally found deep within your soul, but for the next year, the boundaries between your subconscious and conscious states will start to blur. Fortunately, you'll have such a good grasp on what's happening in your life that you'll be able to use this as an opportunity for positive transformation.You're perceptive, magnetic and mysterious, and others can't help but be drawn to you. Your relationships will be strong because of this, both romantically and in the office.

In fact, most people you come across will see you as extremely powerful. In the bedroom, this will come out as an intense passion that could easily leave your partner hungry for more. While at work, your presence will be awe-inspiring, and with your drive and ambition, you'll have no trouble impressing your boss and other higher-ups. Your ability to cut to the core of a situation is strong now; don't underestimate your abilities, but also make sure you don't abuse this to take advantage of others. Your mind will be extremely creative, and all types of artistic outlets, from drawing to cooking, are strongly encouraged.

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