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Sun sextile Neptune

A beautiful imagination

Kelli Fox

When you surround yourself with beauty, will it come from another's imagination, or will it come from your own? You're imagination is peaking and will continue to do so for the next 12 months, meaning that you'll have the resources to create some of the most beautiful and inspirational artwork (and that could be anything from painting to writing). All you need is the confidence to believe in yourself.Interestingly, you'll have no trouble believing in everyone else around you.

Your intuition will also peak and you'll instinctively know what others have on their minds. It will start to seem as though you're comforting them before they realize they're upset. As such, you'll be great in a relationship, leaving anyone around you will feeling sufficiently adored. That feeling of love will be happily reciprocated.Spend some extra time devoting yourself to some sort of spiritual activity, such as visiting a place of worship or meditating. You'll find your attempts to transcend your ego are more successful during this time. You'll also appreciate volunteer work, as helping others can bring great satisfaction.

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