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Sun sextile Mars

The will to succeed

Kelli Fox

You know who you are and you're quite comfortable in your own skin, thank you very much. With this faith in yourself, you've got all the markings for quite the pleasant year. You'll easily accomplish whatever you put your mind to, and you'll have the strength to stand up for yourself whenever necessary.

That said, you'll also manage to be flexible when called upon to do so, especially by a certain attractive someone. The scales of ego versus others will balance out nicely for you, and you'll feel the benefits in all aspects of your life.Your confidence in yourself will help you mesh well with others, which will prove fortunate as you work your way to a raise or promotion -- and it will be even nicer in the bedroom. In order to really succeed this year, you'll have to take the focus off yourself a bit. Assist a coworker with a tough project. Remember to put your partner's needs above your own, at least some of the time. You'll be surprised by how much your thoughtfulness comes back to work for you. And adding to the pleasantries of this time will be your own excellent health. As if everything going well wasn't enough, you'll have plenty of energy and stamina to keep things at their peak level.

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  1. Kiara on May 11, 2018 at 12:53 pm

    Very Inspiring

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