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Sun quincunx Uranus

An odd perspective

Kelli Fox

Eccentric doesn't even begin to describe you. The stars will give you such an odd perspective of the world around you this year, that others will be inclined to ask what happened to the real you. The reality is that you've just got one heck of a finely tuned mind, and you're much more aware of everything around you than almost anyone else.

However, it's likely that people will take your strange behavior and comments as attempts to rock the boat, rather than be impressed by them.There are two ways to respond to the criticism of others during this stretch of time. Your first option is to take what they say to heart and try to change who you are to fit some sort of societal norm. But beware: if you follow this route, you'll struggle throughout the year as your mind rebels against your actions. Your other option is to take things in stride and with humor. Turn it all into a satire -- write it out, create a comic strip, anything that will help those around you see the lighter side to your incredible insights. They'll catch on to the insights themselves later on. It'll just take some time.

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