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Sun quincunx Neptune

Turn within for the answers

Kelli Fox

Decisions just aren't your thing, are they? Basically, for the next year, your job, your love life, standing up for yourself and facing reality will all fall into the category of 'not your thing,' as well. Are you beginning to wonder just what your thing is?

Quite frankly, it's you. But not in an egotistical sense; instead this is a time for introspection and learning to see yourself clearly.You'll be tempted to look outward to friends and family for answers to the question, 'who am I?' But the only person who really knows the answer is you -- you just need to dig a bit deeper. That will be a struggle for you this year, since you'd much rather drift into a dream world and let the real one slip away. Even though you would prefer a fast trip to enlightenment, that's just not possible. You have to take your time; uncovering who you truly are is not something that can be rushed or put on the fast track. Remain patient and you'll get there. If you want to go to a movie for a brief little retreat from time to time, that will work well, but you need to make sure you always come back quickly.

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