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Sun quincunx Jupiter

Rebuilding your self-esteem

Kelli Fox

What you see isn't quite what you get -- and who you see isn't quite who you are. Your self-confidence levels may slip a little in the coming months, and it could be difficult for you to remember just how great you really are. You need to find a new perspective.

Some unique experiences could help you reassess your views of reality, and even small accomplishments can help you begin to build up your self-esteem again. Learning could also come more slowly for you now, which won't do much to help strengthen your belief in your abilities. Focus on finishing up small tasks. Any big projects that you're working on should be broken down into smaller sections so you don't feel so overwhelmed. Stand up for yourself if you feel people are asking too much of you, and remember to give yourself a break as well -- it's possible that your own expectations are a bit higher than is reasonable. Lighten up a bit, and even make fun of yourself to try to bring things into perspective. You're smart, you're capable and you're going to believe that so you can get through this year with as little difficulty as possible.

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