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Sun opposite Saturn

Breaking down the walls

Kelli Fox

Picture this: You're at work and your boss tells you that you didn't get the promotion because she doesn't believe you can handle the job. Now, ask yourself this: Does she not trust your abilities because you don't trust them yourself? This is just an example of how boundaries that we create may appear to come from others.

This particular case is not necessarily something that will happen -- what's important is that you pay attention to restrictions and limitations that others 'seem' to be putting on you, and make sure they aren't actually of your own making.You'll find that what goes around will come around in all of your actions this year. Do a good deed, and you'll reap the rewards. Slack off, and you'll pay the price. Sadly, the same rule does not fully apply to romance. Relationships may be hard. You may find some power issues arise, and it could fall on you to bear the burden. Step back for a bit and give things a chance to consider things. You've got enough to worry about right now without throwing another log on the fire, and you need a lover who can appreciate that.

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