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Sun opposite North Node

The future must overcome the past

Kelli Fox

The past has a strong influence over you -- and justifiably so. It's basically the reason you are the person you are. In fact, it's so important to you, that you've developed an almost spiritual connection to it.

Your challenge for the year will come as you realize that in order to move more fully into the future, you're going to have turn this highly evolved connection into more grounded, earthly wisdom.If you find this dilemma leaves you feeling pulled in two different directions, do what you can to find a middle ground. You don't have to sort everything out right away, as long as you're making the effort to move forward. You should also remember that you have certain gifts and talents that you were born with that could help guide you on this journey. Perhaps you have a knack for technology that can take you someplace new. Or maybe you're especially good at understanding what makes people tick. Find ways to use these attributes to your advantage. If you really get stuck, try something completely new; an exotic location or a historical museum can add a whole new perspective.

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