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Sun opposite Neptune

Blind faith won't work

Kelli Fox

It's time to walk down the long, occasionally scary and frequently lonely path of self-discovery. This could be one of the most confusing times of your life, and you will have to work hard to prevent others -- or even yourself -- from leading you astray. Unfortunately, only you can take this trip; no guests allowed, as they will only distract you and make it take longer.You're so impressionable from this birthday to the next that you'll find yourself easily tripped up by people who will try to prey on your gullibility.

Casting blame for all your troubles is another sign of trouble. You'll be tempted to find an escape from the realities surrounding you, but you absolutely must avoid alcohol and drugs, as well as any other addictions. These will only allow you to forget your problems, but they will do nothing to help -- and in the long run, they will make your life much, much more difficult. Try to surround yourself with only the most positive and supportive people. You have a wonderfully rich imagination now and you should take full advantage of that. From using it as a form of escape to creating original and eye-catching artwork, you'll have a knack for turning your thoughts and dreams into something truly amazing.

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