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Sun opposite Jupiter

A focus on the ego

Kelli Fox

In order to make this year go well, one of the things you have to do is stay away from extremes and maintain moderation. Your greatest challenge this year will be avoiding excess. That's something you won't necessarily want to do, and it could lead to an extravagant and costly year.

Fortunately this aspect will bring enough other pleasantries that some of the negative factors will get toned down. People around you will have an easier time seeing your greater qualities than you will, and you'll find that they can often provide a mirror to your soul. Let this be a guide for you as you do a bit of self-exploration -- the more accurate view you have of yourself, the more smoothly you'll sail through any challenges the year brings. Romantically speaking, you may find this focus on yourself somewhat less than ideal, but not necessarily bad. If attached, your partner will have to be very accepting of your need for self-discovery and of the fact that you won't be able to pay as much attention to them as they might wish.Watch out for hypocrisy. You'll be tempted to hold a higher standard for others than you do for yourself. Maintain similar standards all around, and you'll find that things work out for the better.

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