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Sun conjunct Uranus

Stop the world in its tracks

Kelli Fox
Sun conjunct Uranus

Why do things the same old way, when you've come up with a new and improved scheme that works so much better? Well for you, the answer is 'duh, go with the new technique.' Your ideas are so unique and original, you'll have people stopping still in their tracks from shock. You may even find yourself stopping still in your own tracks, wondering, 'did that really come from me?' Go with it, though -- it'll be fun!

If you have an aversion to change, however, you could face a challenging year. For a change, embrace everything new. If you suddenly find yourself in uncharted waters, try to retake control by doing something unexpected -- swim out to sea rather than back to the shore. Find people who have similar progressive interests -- join a New Age society, attend a tech trade show, anything that will encourage you to broaden your mind. This is your year to take the world by storm!What about in the bedroom? You'll want to spice things up there as well. If your partner's thrown off by the new you, take things slow -- try a new restaurant or travel someplace exotic. Even if you're single, new experiences are the best route. You never know who you might meet in a scuba diving class...

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