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Sun conjunct Neptune

A mystical intuition

Kelli Fox

You've heard in the past that you should always trust your gut. Well, that advice could not be more accurate than it is now. Over the next year, you'll find that your intuition is almost always spot on.

Because your perception is so accurate, you'll have the ability to connect to people at the deepest level. In fact, your subconscious will reach a heightened and even mystical state. Your dreams will feel like a strange reality, you'll understand what others are thinking or feeling even before they do, and your imagination will be a fabulous resource for escape and fantasy. It could be a little difficult to get to the train station on time, though. Your focus on mundane realities will be ephemeral, at best. Since you are at One with the Universe this year, your physical energy could sink, too, temporarily.Making the year even better will be the beautiful rose-colored glasses through which you'll be viewing the world. Things could not be more ideal for romance. You'll be so dreamy and idealistic that everyone around you will seem perfect (at least until you wake up), and you'll be so filled with love and compassion that you're strongest desire will be to help others. Who couldn't love you in return? Be a little cautious to make sure no one tries to take advantage of your generous nature, and try not to let yourself get too dreamy and spaced out. On the whole, though, you've got pleasant times ahead.

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  1. Helen luscombe on March 4, 2019 at 11:15 pm

    Liked your reading. Thank you

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