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Sun conjunct Mars

Prepare to get your way

Kelli Fox

If you've ever felt like getting your way, the next 12 months are what you've been waiting for. You've got a fire under you, and your energy levels are so high, you may find yourself wishing you didn't have to sleep. This is really a time that's all about you, and quite frankly, you're determined to make sure everyone else knows that.

As you're scrambling your way up the career ladder -- or into the arms of a loved one -- remember to try to avoid stepping on people's toes.When it comes to your career, you might as well pick a goal (or many) and go for it. Your chance of working your way to success is extremely high. You have just the right amount of ambition and adventure in you to take the big risks necessary for great achievements. Be sure to keep an eye on your temper -- it could be your downfall. All the same rules apply to your love life. If you're already with someone, your tremendous passion could very easily rekindle the romance. Just remember to give them a break sometimes, as they may have a hard time keeping up! If you're still looking for the perfect someone, try to be considerate when you do find them -- they've just been completely swept off their feet by you and are probably still trying to catch their breath.

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