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Sun conjunct Jupiter

It's a wonderful world

Kelli Fox

Why have one of anything, when you could have many -- or all? This is one of the most favorable aspects, and your year will be filled with good luck, generosity and new experiences. You'll be full of confidence in yourself, and you'll have the optimism to believe that you can accomplish anything -- and you can!

The word 'limitation' won't even make it into your vocabulary.Things will seem to magically work out for you, whether in love, money or family. Your natural generosity of spirit will make you a desirable partner -- but then, who wouldn't love you? Work relations will only improve, and you've got a great chance of earning yourself a raise or a promotion. Your thoughts and plans for the future will be more than successful; they'll earn you the respect you've been hoping for.Take advantage of this expansive time by increasing your knowledge of the world around you. This can include taking a class or a trip abroad. Enjoy your time, as you really can make just about anything come true, if you really want it to. The only things you might want to watch out for are a slight tendency towards arrogance, and a big tendency toward overindulgence. The concept of 'enough' may be elusive this year. But, who can help being a little arrogant, when you are nearly always right, as you will be this coming year!

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  1. Muarlimohan on March 18, 2018 at 5:41 am

    Capricorn ascendant…sun(12.27),jup(4.50),mars(27.36)…all the planets present in Sagittarius and in 12 house..people think of me as ego maniac..but I’m self righteous..provide me guidance

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