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Saturn unaspected

Nose to the Grindstone

Kelli Fox

A surge of inner discipline and an increase in goal-oriented hard work accompanies your birthday this year. Extra responsibilities pile up, some of them unwanted but unavoidable. Any plans for pleasure you had for this year will be put on hold as the demands of your regular tasks prevent you from lengthy periods away.

In fact those extra responsibilities may run away with your life experience until your next birthday. You'll feel a sense of inner urgency as time slips by and your task list grows. A good plan is a necessity. Fortunately you'll be able to devise one with little help, as you are a master of details while still seeing the big picture. Your no-nonsense approach will get a lot accomplished but may deter other people, who sense your busy-ness and don't want to get in the way. Focus and discipline will be at an all-time high, so don't waste this energy. Set your goals, make your plans, and get to work. You'll dig right in to the work, and when the going gets rough, you've got the backbone to keep going. You come up with practical solutions that may have multiple applications. Don't forget to take some time off every few days to recharge the batteries. You get more life out of them that way.

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