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Saturn trine Uranus

Comfortable changes

Kelli Fox

An agreement will be made this year; an agreement between the old, traditional way of doing things and the new, progressive approach to life. It will be a pleasing state for you to be in, as you'll feel both comfortable with your surroundings and excited about the potential for the future. You'll have a natural ability to create order from chaos, and you'll move in a slow and steady manner towards progress, which will provide ample change without being too shocking or scary.When it comes to romance or your career, you'll find your approach this year can bring you happiness and success.

An established relationship can be revived with small but special changes -- maybe a date night each week for just the two of you. Or, if you've had trouble finding someone worth dating seriously, you might want to change your techniques. Join a progressive group or organization that you might not otherwise consider -- perhaps meeting someone who isn't quite so like-minded could spice things up a bit. And at work, just be your natural, hardworking self. Your employers will be impressed by you original and methodical approach to getting the job done.

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