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Saturn trine North Node

Get motivated!

Kelli Fox

There are many paths you could take to reach the future you should have. But that would require work and effort, and life is comfortable where you're at now, isn't it? So why go to all that trouble, right?

Not quite. You have the opportunity to reach a level of living that you've never experienced, but that won't happen if you just sit there and let the world pass you by. You're going to need to motivate yourself to get off your tush and start working.Part of your problem will be nothing more than that you take your abilities for granted. You know how you think certain things have come easily to you? That's all in your head. In reality you've worked hard to get where you are. And if you can get yourself enthused about a new change of course (which, admittedly, won't exactly be painless), then you'll find the feelings of satisfaction and contentment you'll have for your new direction will make all the effort worthwhile. When you are finally able to do more than just sit back and let the world drift by, you'll be surprised to discover that the road you're on holds more opportunities and pleasure than you ever imagined.

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