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Saturn trine Neptune

Two worlds merge

Kelli Fox

Prepare yourself for an important merger this year -- a merger between the conscious and unconscious worlds. Your dreams and intuition will work in harmony with reality, and your ideals will mesh well with what's true in your life. Creative endeavors can be hugely successful, as you'll be able to take shapeless ideas and turn them into something tangible.

One half of you will be structured and grounded, which will allow your other half to give form to the visions and images that emerge from your imagination and subconscious. So pay close attention to your dreams; you never know from where your next great idea will come. Your spiritual life in general will be quite prominent. Whether you follow a structured religion or practice more personalized beliefs, your faith will play a strong role in your actions and ideas. You'll also find yourself more instinctively putting others first. Your needs are important, but the needs of your friends, loved ones and even strangers will seem more crucial and deserving of your attention. Giving selflessly will practically be second nature -- just be sure you don't give away your savings! Try volunteering at a homeless shelter instead of just donating money.

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