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Saturn square Uranus

Trapped by opposing forces

Kelli Fox

If you're someone who rigidly adheres to a structured lifestyle, this could be an extremely challenging year for you. On the flip side, if you like lots of change and are eager to move forward in a progressive manner, you'll have an equally difficult time as you'll feel held back and thwarted at every move. Two opposing forces will be pulling you in polar opposite directions, and if you can't find a middle ground, this will be a very tense and trying year.An internal battle will be raging between conservatism and radicalism, and until you can come to terms with both sides of your desire, you'll struggle to maintain any semblance of a normal life.

Make a list of every opposing force in the external part of your life, and see which ones you can come to terms with, and which ones you need to walk away from. This may even mean walking away from some of your friends, but that's just what you'll need to do in an effort to preserve your sanity and move forward with this life. Radical actions are nothing new under these types of astral influences, but rather, they're simply a part of life that you'll have to learn to deal with.

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