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Saturn square Pluto

Challenging learning curve

Kelli Fox

Ugh! You know exactly what it is you have to do to get ahead, and yet it seems like everyone and everything around you is trying to slow you down, stop you or even push you backwards. From your disgruntled boss who doesn't want to promote you to getting stuck in terrible traffic on your way to an interview, you'll begin to feel as though the universe is in a conspiracy to hold you back -- even worse; you'll be right.

The planets have aligned themselves in such a way that these next 12 months will be about learning to deal with severe adversity.Resisting these forces could become your only goal this year, but if you find that happening, you might want to rethink what you're doing. This is a time for you to learn. These dilemmas and challenges will pop up for a reason and you need to pay attention to them and see how you can work with them. What might they be telling you? Are you trying to head in the wrong direction? Are your expectations too high? Should you try to make an even more dramatic transformation in your life? The obstacles will inevitably be frustrating, but they could lead to changes that are necessary for you to progress with your life. So try to take everything with a grain of salt and a level of detachment.

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