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Saturn sextile Uranus

A grand restructuring

Kelli Fox

An interesting balance will exist between your traditional methods of doing things and your desire for more progressive experiences. New ideas that could have a strong bearing on all of society will flow freely, and you'll be at the center of something of an evolution. The stage will be set for you to come up with positive ways of restructuring the world around you.

This will be an exciting year rife with big changes and fresh approaches.You'll enjoy everything from science and technology to astrology, and anything a little shocking will grab your attention in a pleasing way. In fact, you may be the one who likes to shock others just for the fun of it. You will face some challenges, but as you overcome each of them, you'll grow in strength and character. Wherever you happen to work could face restructuring and layoffs, but you should come out of it unscathed -- more likely you'll end up with extra work and an opportunity to prove just how impressive your mind and work ethic are. You'll send a bolt of electricity through any group you're working with, and the results will be incredible and creative. Enjoy this time for the great experiences and your influence on society.

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