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Saturn sextile North Node

Working out your future

Kelli Fox

Order and organization are the themes of the year as you work out the details necessary for you to move on with your future. You will have the capability to bring a certain level of practical wisdom into everything you do, which means the results will almost always work out as you had hoped. An ability to stay on task and remained focused will also work to your advantage, as you'll be able to take on project after project and complete them all in record time and exceeding expectations.If there's something you set out to achieve some time ago, but never got around to finishing, this is your chance.

Again, your ability to focus will come into play, and you'll be able to plow through even the most boring details (not to mention the more exciting aspects of the project) to get everything completed. This same level of attention will also work well for you in relationships. You'll know almost instinctively what your partner or date is thinking and you'll be able to act on their desires even before they know what they want. Your dedication to creating the best situation possible for you and your loved ones will help move you along in the right direction.

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