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Saturn opposite Uranus

Challenging the status quo

Kelli Fox

The stars have thrown you a challenge for the coming year, but unless you can (or already have) developed tremendous inner strength, this will likely just result in a lot of stress and tension. You'll be encouraged to become your true, original and unique self, but while facing resistance from established ideals. If you succeed, you will likely break down the status quo, but if you don't, you'll struggle with feeling like you are being blocked and thwarted.Nonetheless, you must not give up.

If you feel an urge to rebel against societal norms, then do so. If you want to push the envelope, then push it as far as you can. You may upset a lot of people, but you could get a lot more people to begin to question their own take on things. This may not be the greatest time for outside influences such as love, friends or finances because you'll likely drive nearly everyone around you up the wall with your weird perspectives. But keep going anyway. Don't let anyone slow you down. Your mind will work in progressive ways, which means you'll have to wait for others to come around to your way of thinking rather than expect them to understand you right away. It will take time, it will be difficult, but in the end, it will all be worth it.

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