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Saturn opposite Pluto

Tearing down boundaries

Kelli Fox

If rules were made to be broken, then boundaries were made to charge through. And will you be charging a lot this year! You will have no patience for the bureaucracy of life and you will do everything you can to revolutionize the whole system.

Which system? Well, pretty much every single one you come into contact with, from family to school to work to government. You might as well call war on the whole establishment now because you will not deal well with anyone trying to tell you what to do.As you might imagine, this could also leave you with some rather intense sexual tension issues. And these will come at you on two levels. First, you'll likely be dealing with some power plays in your relationships, and that could lead to some, uh, interesting situations in the bedroom. Try to remember that real love (or even lust) works better when everyone is an equal partner in the game. Second, many of your urges and desires will not coincide with conservative morality, and you'll have to figure out how that will affect both the person you're with and yourself. Learning to balance your drives in accordance with what's acceptable to society will be a starting step to working successfully within the 'establishment' as well.

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