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Saturn opposite North Node

The ghosts of your past

Kelli Fox

Clinging to your past prevents you from moving on with your future. It's time for you to let go and welcome today and tomorrow with open arms. Unfortunately, as you'll discover this year, that's much easier said than done.

The ghosts of yesterday are not so easily exorcised, and you'll have to work twice as hard if you're going to come to terms with the past and then move on to the future. Luckily, you at least realize and understand how important it is to take these actions -- and knowing is half the battle.Your first step will be to face down your history. Whether that happens to be with family members, old lovers or career decisions, you need to look at the moves you made then and figure out how they're affecting you in the present. You may be compelled to resist this step, but you must follow through if you're to ever truly escape your past. The next step will be to take a look at where you presently are in life. What are you still dissatisfied with? What changes could you make that would improve these aspects of your life? Once these questions are answered, you'll have to motivate yourself to take action, regardless of how scary that might be. None of this will be easy, but with a little willpower, you'll get the job done.

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