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Saturn opposite Neptune

Self-esteem issues

Kelli Fox

Living up to your ideals is certainly an accomplishment worth striving for. But if you set your ideals too high, as you'll likely do this year, you're really setting yourself up for disappointment. And with that, you'll find your opinion of yourself diminishes, and you'll begin to believe that even the smallest tasks are beyond your capabilities.

However, the reality will be that you actually just have a very weak grasp of reality.You'll develop an appreciation of altered states as you seek to escape the real one. If possible, though, try to stick with healthy alternatives such as movies, books and your own creative imagination and dream worlds. Avoid drugs and alcohol and any type of addiction, no matter how sorely tempted you are. Your goal for this year will be to learn how to deal with the struggle between the conscious and the subconscious -- avoiding them completely will get you nowhere. If you really begin to feel overwhelmed, then forget about everything else you have to do and focus on a small, easy, mundane task or activity. Even a small accomplishment will help you build your self-esteem back up so you can tackle your more challenging projects with success.

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