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Saturn in Virgo

Search for perfection

Kelli Fox

Keys? Check. Phone?

Check. Wallet? Check. Um, keys? Check... Does that sound familiar? Checking to make sure you have everything, and then checking again, just in case? It's a bit obsessive-compulsive, and to a certain extent, everyone has those tendencies, but you may go to more of an extreme this year than usual. You'll be faced with a need for order and perfection, and if you have trouble making that happen (and perfection can be hard to come by), you may find yourself picking up some nervous ticks.Even the smallest things, or perhaps, especially the smallest things will cause you a great deal of worry. You will become obsessed with the most minute details while trying to create order out of what you perceive to be chaos. Your first step toward returning to normality will be to accept that these issues exist. If you're in denial, you will simply make the situation more difficult. However, if you can deal with your inclinations responsibly and harness your fears, you'll be able to take on any organizational duty without the risk of complication.

Saturn in Virgo in the Natal Chart

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